What Am I Doing?

Hello, all!

My husband is on his way home from work and I’m trying not to sleep. Evening naps are very strange because I have the strangest dreams when I nap after about 3 PM. It’s almost 6 PM, so naps are not an option. Knowing this, I’ve decided to spend the waiting time doing something I have neglected – writing here.

I was talking to the amazing Stacey from LittleCatchUp.co.uk about blogging and creating content. I told her about how I struggle with creating content because I feel pressured to make it good. Her reply was “Remember anything you write can help someone.” That helped immensely. I seem to have forgotten about the power of touching one person.

I have written countless times about the power of touching one person, and that’s something that I need to remember now more than ever as I am marketing Sockesthesia Custom Socks, my sock company. I have realized that the best connections I make in business and in life are forged one on one, not in large batches or even in a group. All of the orders Sockesthesia has had to date are custom orders. None of these custom requests look alike. That says a lot about the nature of the company and how individualized I want it to be. The power of reaching one person is immense.

Awhile ago, I set a goal to touch one person’s life every day. One person, that is all. If I can do that and that that alone, I have had a successful day. Lately I’ve been going away from that goal and wanting approval from the masses. It’s not gotten me very far. My interactions one on one are the most fulfilling I have. There are few things more important than someone who needs a kind word or a good action. I love my tutoring for that reason. I get to touch more lives than I realize, perhaps, and it’s one of the most rewarding things in my life.

In the end, I think it all comes down to love and kindness. I’m not the best at these all the time. I’m human, and I’m working on it. The love we share to the world and our fellow beings is honored and often returned in kind. It’s worth it to go the extra mile for people. They’re worth it.

You are worth it. You’re worth so much. You are known and loved by God and the universe. You are lovely. Keep being yourself.




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