Independence Day

These last few days have been weird, and it’s seven minutes until my favorite holiday begins, Independence Day. Independence Day has always been significant to me as it’s the one day where it’s officially acceptable to eat, swim, and blow stuff up on the same day. In Texas, there’s a lot of that going on on the Fourth of July, and my mind honestly didn’t get past the pool, the underwater fireworks, and the tasty ribs and peach cobbler.

But now that I’m in Alaska, I am far away from Texan pomp and circumstance. There aren’t many places where you can swim that aren’t inside a building, and it’s super dry, dry to the point that fireworks will likely start a forest fire. No joke, the valley where I live has been smoked out like nobody’s business. The sun rises a hazy orange. Now that I’m away from Texas, there’s more room to think. My husband was watching a livestream wherein the streamer read off the entire Declaration of Independence and then proceeded to make some interesting points about it. John Hancock, the man whose signature has become synonymous with bold signatures everywhere, was the wealthiest man in the colonies. He was fed up with the British and their shenanigans, and so he signed the Declaration in the way he did as a way to say, “yeah, I’m here, I know it, screw you and your ways. Come at me if you can.” According to the livestreamer, this inspired the other people present to put their names on the document, too.

I’m not the world’s most patriotic person. I am not in favor of a lot of the things that politicians and the media are up to nowadays, but I have to say that the Founding Fathers got it right. Yes, some of them owned slaves. Yes, some of them were kinda slimy at times, and no, most of them were not the pious Christians some would believe. They were products of their time, and their time had some amazing ideas. They were not perfect and their personal lives are cool, but their ideas are where they shine to me. Because of them and the people who fought to back them up, I’m able to write this today and not get thrown in jail for criticizing the government and organized religion. I’m able to think freely and speak freely. I’m able to believe what I believe. I’m able to do what I do. Yes, I know some politicians are slimy. People are greedy and selfish, but the organization of it all is sound, and I’m thankful for the systems that are in place to keep people where they should be. I’m thankful for soldiers, who do what many can’t to defend the country. I know some people don’t agree with all of the causes that the United States is involved in and I know politics are a mess. I’m right there with you. But I’m thankful for the nation and how it is set up and how it works, not for politics and mudslinging. I love where I live in Alaska, and I wouldn’t trade the nation for anything, no matter how crazy things get. I’m thankful for debates I have, I’m thankful for when I learn new things. I love y’all!



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