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Hello, all!

I have read a ton of posts on the grand Internet about self care as a resting thing, one that people should indulge in almost as a last resort to keep themselves sane. I am with those people who do that and it works for them, and yes, people need their down time. But what about people like me who have too much down time, sometimes taking it in the name of self care? I find that the best thing for self care for me at times is to work hard at something that needs to be done, no matter the cost or how much my mental inertia is bitching and moaning at me to stop, it’s too hard, etc.. This is where my semi-daily to-do list comes in, usually titled “Let’s Get Shit Done” with the day’s date attached at the end.

The black squares are general tasks, hearts are self-care/personal things that I sometimes lose track of in a day, the white circle is an event that will be at a set time, and the emoji of a dragon denotes something to do with Chadwick, the little baby bearded dragon we have adopted. Athena and Alex are my bass and sopranissimo ukulele respectively. I need to get better about my instrument practice during the day.

Writing down my tasks for the day helps keep my mind clear and I always know I won’t be missing something if I keep this list. Some are in favor of simpler lists or more rigid systems and will go to the grave swearing by them, but this is what works for me. The layout is clean, it’s mostly organized, and the emoji system is fun.

I’m going to have to go in 5 minutes to feed Chadwick, speaking of which. It’s 10:25. I am feeding him blueberries today!

Another thing I’m working on is diet and exercise. I have made a goal to walk 6,000 steps or more every day, which comes out to be about 2 miles. I have also been running intermittent fasts from about 7 PM to 11 AM and trying to keep my weight in check.

Feeding time is here, I’ll be back.


I’m back!

I have deposited 3 blueberries on his tiny Aztec temple in the enclosure. Let’s see how he eats them! Meanwhile, here’s a clip of him hunting.

He’s a clever baby, and I think he goes off of movement, which makes me worry about him not spotting the blueberries. I worry too much about the babe, I think. He needs to eat his fruits and veggies so he can be healthy!

Here’s the progress on the list. I put little “okay” hand signs next to the ones that are complete.

Continuing on the topic of diet and exercise, I have a fast that ends at 10:55. I’ve been misbehaving and staring at the fridge since I’ve come downstairs. I’m hungry. But I’m trying to train my body to not be a whiner and complain about hunger all the damn time. I want to develop a dance routine for one of the songs I keep dancing to during my exercise sessions, as well. I love dancing to the remix of “Hello Seattle” by Owl City. You never lose with Owl City in your workout, so I think I will choreograph that one. It’s nice because there are slow periods in the song and then really fast sections, optimized for dancing. Another one I like to dance to is “Hot N Cold” by Katy Perry, of all songs. That one is a good time. It’s tricky to find ones I like and that have the right rhythm for dancing. It’s my favorite way to work out and it burns a lot of calories according to the Samsung Health app.

One of the things I worry about with this health thing is becoming too obsessed with it and it ruling my life. I don’t want to be one of those humans who spend their lives not eating things they enjoy because they’re too busy counting calories. It’s true – if I want to lose weight, I need to exercise more than I do and eat better foods. But this isn’t the be all end all of my life, I’m still loved whether I’m heavy or thin, and I need to remember that.

I do think it would be funny if I became a gym rat, though. I want to get down to 160 pounds. Wish me luck!



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