How to record an improvised song

Hello, y’all!

Seeing as my favorite group chat is spiraling into meme territory, I figured that it’s high time to write today’s blog post. We’re going to talk about how to record an improvised song.

Some people fear that they’ll mess up while they improvise, but let me tell you something – and pardon my French – the best way to improvise is to not give a fuck. I’ve learned this over the course of quite a few hours and sessions and it’s really quite liberating.

When I record my Candy For Trees music, it’s a thrilling thing to make sound a canvas and not a mere equation. I love pounding on the keyboard and making it make strange, dissonant noises as well as soft and beautiful ones. It’s a thrilling thing to let go.

That’s what makes CFT such a great release – there’s no worry about getting the “perfect” take, there’s no worry about supposedly messing up, because there’s nothing to perfect or be nervous about. It just flows, and that’s gorgeous.

As a result, that makes my music kind of hard to classify. I call it “freeform piano jazz” because it’s kinda like what would happen if Stravinsky met the Bad Plus. I love it dearly.

That’s how you improvise.




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