A fine Agender Adventure

Hello, everyone! It’s been a minute, and I have missed writing regularly. There’s been a lot on my mind, especially with the relaunch of my shoe brand, Golden Apple.

I’ve also started tutoring again, which is super fun.

I’m also trying to juggle music along with everything else, so sometimes there will be mental health posts, sometimes there will be gender-related posts, and sometimes there will be shoe/music/writing posts. This blog will hopefully become a more organized variety show. It will be an adventure. An Agender Adventure. And boy, do I have a story to tell y’all.


Once upon a time, a dear friend of mine suggested that people might want some LGBTQ shoe designs after seeing what I had made. I kind of shelved that idea for fear of being judged, but then a light came on in my brain a few days ago….

I am in several LGBTQ Facebook groups. I have had a desire to make more friends are like me, and I have found a huge sense of community here. I love Facebook for that exact reason. I don’t like the sea of posts, especially when they make me sad. But I do love the one on one communication I can have with people from all over. I love making friends, and this is one of my favorite ways to do so. I’ve met so many cool people who have loads in common with me.

I asked one such group if they would be interested in seeing some designs. The interest was real. My friend had been correct, there seems to be a big need for shoes like these in the world. I’m absolutely in love with the Nonbinary and Transgender pride flag-based designs.

I never knew there was such a big need or want for shoes like mine. I’m so happy that I can help people and do my art at the same time. I’m even happier that I’m making connections and conversations.

I’m not a big social media fan on the whole. I like blogging, blogging is great. But that’s about where my expertise ends, and “expertise” is relative. Instagram baffles me still, and it’s still a miracle if I get 20 likes on a post. I don’t really fit in with any of those crowds, even though I do now have visual things to offer the world. Facebook is an ocean I can drown in. All of these give me anxiety. I’m making an attempt to pair Pinterest with posts from here. But personal relationships and intimate forms of communication will always be the most important to me. I love to make friends, it’s what I do best. Most days.




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