Let’s talk

Yesterday’s light reading.

I am a student of history when I can be. I don’t attend college anymore much to the disappointment of many. My tutoring business keeps me sharp.

The pages you see here are part of a textbook section on World War Two. You could say it’s well loved. I scribbled notes all over it.

Seeing a book of any kind after I have scribbled notes in it is incredibly satisfying for me. It means to me that I have really gotten into it and engaged with the material.

A very wise man at my old school said in passing that we should have conversations with the books we read. That really struck me. This method of doing things was what caused me to love Blaise Pascal’s work. He’s an arrogant guy, but it’s kind of adorable.

Asking the book questions like “what are you trying to tell me?” and making comments in the margins really helped me get the most out of my reading assignments. It may sound silly, but it allowed me to see it from a different perspective.

I used to love to read. I don’t do it often enough anymore. I mainly read textbooks for students and poetry for myself. I love my textbooks. But I wonder if the same method applies for, say, Harry Potter. Or Christian books. Perhaps that will be enough to keep me engaged.

I’m gonna try that out.




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