More about electronics

So I might ditch the idea for the silly farting keyboard. Probably nobody would find that amusing but me. And even then, it is pretty damn immature.

So I will work with my runner up in the future. Remember the space harpsichord? (actual keyboard pictured below)

Akai Professional Mini MK 2 keyboard

I need to practice with the keyboards we have here first. They’ll be the test of the system I want to work with before I drop a ton of money. Here’s what I want to do.

I want to make a Raspberry Pi computer into a SamplerBox. Their website is found here. It will do the project far more justice than I ever could.

I need to either find or make the sounds I want the keyboard to be able to play. The SamplerBox takes .wav samples, which have been difficult to locate so far for the instrument I want (a harpsichord).

I have been giving thought toward cases, and shy of gutting pianos, I’m not sure how to build cases for them yet. I have an old folding box organ back in Texas (which I would never, ever gut, it’s an antique) that I might be able to use as a model.

Here is something quite similar. It’s a pump organ.

I’m gonna have to talk to my stepdad about this. He does woodwork and might know a thing or two.

That’s enough rambling for one day.

Until next post,



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