A smelly alternative….

The magnificent keyboard from the early 2000s looms above me.

Hey, all!!

Remember when I spoke about obtaining six pianos and placing all of them in our future house?

Well, I still want that. I am simply thinking about adding to it.

You’re gonna see my inner twelve year old here. Imagine the piano dream, but one piano is, say, programmed with fart noises! It would take some weird sorcery (and an electric, not acoustic, piano) to make that happen. I like this idea. I’m starting to do some research about how to make it a reality, and I think it’s possible with a Raspberry Pi computer.

I also want to make a case for my glorious smelly (?) synth that looks like a real piano. It may end up being inspired by this sneaky one:

Photo credit: Michelle B. on Yelp

that is built into a secretary desk at the Annapolis Bookstore in Annapolis, MD. For some reason I remember it being blue, but I guess my memory served me wrong. In any case, here it is.


Get it?

The twelve year old in me rejoices…

My husband would likely kill me if I make my own fart piano. But it might be amusing for a tiny bit. I’d definitely make the thing mustard yellow.

This is gonna be grand.

The coolest thing would be to get a mini keyboard and make a tiny piano case for that. Especially if it’s one of those red and black Akai keyboards. But wait, I would probably put those in a retro arcade box. That would be spacey and cool. And less expensive than six actual pianos. It would also be cool to get an upright piano case and just STUFF IT FULL of synth gear. That might end up being the BIG project.

Ah, well. That’s enough scheming for one day.

Until next post,



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