Cat appreciation post


is Hurley. She’s adorable. She is a Siamese Himalayan cat and a talker!

Earlier today she looked me dead in the eye and meowed loudly. My friend (whom she belongs to) said that that was her way of talking. I love her.

That’s just a little introduction to today’s post. I’m writing for the hell of it today with no topic in mind. Except for maybe Hurley. But I doubt I can wax poetic about a kitty for an entire post. Maybe if I throw in my cat, I can….

This is Dillon, Dill for short. Or Dill Baby, whatever you prefer.

She lives back in Texas where I’m from originally. She’ll be three years old in early September of this year, along with her twin brother, Toonces.

This is Toonces. He’s a weirdo. Yes, he is named after the cat in that SNL sketch “Toonces, the Cat Who Can Drive a Car”.

My mom thinks that Dill is dumb as a rock and that Toonces is smart. Dill’s eyes do kinda point in different directions. I love them both.

My mom took the pictures of Dill and Toonces, while I took the picture of Hurley.

My favorite kinds of cats are the ones that are fluffy. I really love all kinds of cats except for the ones that will bite and scratch just because it’s Wednesday and the sun is shining. Toonces will sometimes do that, but only when you rub his belly for too long. He’ll grab your hand with his little sharp claws and nip at it.

I would love a cat, but my husband isn’t a cat person, so I get my kitty snuggles from Hurley.

Thank you for reading my kitty appreciation post.



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