Make a scene

Hello, all!!

I launched the Candy For Trees Facebook page and Instagram account yesterday, and I don’t know how out there I want to be with this project. I know when I was singing and playing, I would seize the nearest instrument I could find and begin jamming away, not caring who was around or who really cared for themselves.

I can’t really do that with C for T, because that would require an ensemble doing flash mobs behind me. While that would be super frickin cool, I doubt that would happen anytime soon. I’m going to have to find some people to play my pieces first.

I’d love to have the orchestras and bands (much like the one on the cover of the magazine above), decide to play my music, but there are other things that are more important to do right now, like finishing Between Light and Dreaming. Raddis’ story is far from over, and the more exploring and thinking I do, the more ideas I get.

This may be a thirty part work that could last over an hour. I need to sit the heck down, in other words. Sit the heck down and compose.

For some reason, my husband encourages this composition time so long as I’m spending time with him, too. It does get to points where I am spending too much time on it and not enough time with him, but so far we’ve been talking about it and I find a balance between him, working around the house, blogging, and composing. I can’t spend too much time on any one thing, I’m learning that. He won’t let me kill my hobbies, which is something I have been known to do. I’m eternally grateful for that. He doesn’t seem to think these projects are wrecking my sanity, which is still new to me, even after a year and some, see: killing my hobbies. I kill them because I think they are consuming my brainpower and driving me crazy. But they make me happy in the end. It’s how my brain works.

Speaking of my brain, I keep thinking of where I would most like to have a flash mob and which song I’d like to mob with.

Ideally, it would be “Feud in C# Major, parts 1-3”, but that may be a bit too much disruption. So perhaps I’d go for “Raddis’ Nightmare” instead.

As for where, I would invade the Pendulum Pit at St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland if I could pick any space in the world.

If I could choose when, it would be just after the night classes get out. Just after is important because we’d have to beat the students to the piano there.

(Here is a video of what is essentially the St. John’s College national anthem, performed in this space, featuring the piano.

Here is a song I recorded in the same place.)

In any case, I hope to get the next two parts of Between Light out this week.

Until next post,



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