Between light and dreaming, Raddis’ Dream, part 2

Hello, I’m Meg. I am addicted to composing music. Here’s what I’ve been playing with in the writing of “Raddis’ Dream”.

I picked A flat major not to cause drama in a group of musicians, but to present a challenge to myself. There aren’t any weird timing challenges (so far, thank goodness), but I hope to get to the point where I can both write AND play in odd time. I’m writing this in a way that I can play it. I had a stroke when I was little, and that messed up my left hand pretty badly. I can only play left hand notes with one finger. I’m writing my bass lines without chords as a result.

I’ve also scrapped that page I showed y’all yesterday in favor of something far less intense. Here it is:

I keep bopping back and forth between two working titles for what will hopefully be a big piece made up of smaller pieces. One of them is Between Light and Dreaming and the other is Theo Raddis Finds Herself. Or maybe both. I just had an idea…

Long ago, I had a dream that I was unable to shake for a long while. I was a noblewoman imprisoned by my wicked guardian. A prince fell in love with me from afar and insisted upon climbing up to my window and attempting to make conversation. Again and again I turned him away until my assistant, an imp named Rose Red, pushed me to talk to him. We fell in love and were married. You might be wondering what on this green earth this dream has to do with anything, but it may end up driving the plot for this song cycle. Raddis is a shapeshifter. Will Raddis be the noblewoman? Will she be the assistant? Who is she?

Keep being the light. Keep dreaming.

Until next post,



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