To do lists and a dream

Hello, all.

Candy for Trees is at it again today. I went – yes, went – to practice piano in a practice room at my favorite music shop. I figured that a change of scene would be the only effing way to get off my butt and actually practice my piano piece, “Saginaw”, so that I can eventually play it in real life. The guy who works there sold me on a scoring notebook so that I can write scores on paper. I am super excited, because I bought one. I’m working on draft two of my score “Raddis’ Dream”. Theo Raddis is a fictional character of mine, and I’m writing her life out in music. I want the suite to be fairly long and recorded with real instruments in a group. And I have challenged myself to be the group’s pianist. Which means a ton of writing and practice.

I’m going to leave the story fairly open ended so that any audience will be able to decide what happens to her at the end of the piece. The first draft is full of clashing notes and interesting chords. By “interesting”, I mean that some of the notes don’t match.

I want the piece to end up like that, but maybe with piano only or more parts written later. I also need to find a metronome so I can accurately subdivide the measures…

Very rough draft of “Raddis’ Dream”.

The special part about piano practice and blog posting is that they are part of to do lists I make for myself. These lists are sometimes the only way I can get off my butt and do things. I’m proud of myself for doing things. My husband is, too. I no longer feel useless. I actually find great joy in making the bed. It could be considered odd, but to me it is satisfying.

I probably wouldn’t be able to write here in the way I do without them. My philosophy of keeping it up one day at a time only gets me so far. I don’t have a set schedule, but I do get stuff done and stay out of trouble and depression. I know the topic and theme of the blog has changed some, but my life seems to be headed in new directions, too, and I don’t want to leave this behind.

Here’s more Raddis.

I’m pumped. I want to go home straightaway and work on it more.

Have the best of days!

Until next post,



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