Candy for trees

I believe it was 2012 when we were gathered around the dinner table and someone made the comment that rain is like candy for trees.

That phrase has stuck with me through the years. I immediately added it to my list of potential band names and made the occasional instrumental track with candyfortrees as the band name on my mom’s iPad. Here’s one:

I had been listening to too much of the xx and the Naked and Famous at the time. I love that song to this day. Here’s another:

I put the name on the back burner in order to do things under my own name for a bit. I tried my hand at composing again a few more times, but I was lost without the iPad and the composition program I was using. I just couldn’t seem to do melodies well enough. I stuck to writing melodies with my voice over chords with not much additional instrumentation.

I recorded eight albums in this manner, all of which have been released in some way, most via my Bandcamp page. One time I wrote a song called “Saginaw” with my composition program, named for the town in which my future husband was living close to. It takes the cake for the most angsty song I have ever written, given the circumstances and mood I was in. I was bashing myself for feeling affection, which is angst if I’ve ever seen it.

All was well in the end, and I’ve recently started writing scores again for actual instruments to play under the Candy for Trees name. One of them on the first extended play is “Saginaw” itself.

This really struck a chord with me:

The opening chord of “Saginaw”.

I amuse myself.

Saginaw is piano only, but the later parts of the EP lead me to believe that if I were a god, I would be a troublemaker. Here’s page one of Feud in C# Major, part two:

Part Two, page 1.

The working title of this piece was “Cluster 2”, which I later changed to the full Feud title. It’s written in C sharp in 7/4 time. My husband looked the sheet music over, shrugged his shoulders, and said, “it’s not that difficult”. He later listened to the full piece and called it “enjoyable”. That makes me happy.

More tomorrow, including a sneak peek at my art diary…

Until next post,



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