No, seriously.

As mentioned in the previous post, I have to make some goals before I lose my mind. I did some brainstorming last night (my brain is a hurricane already) and came up with a list that grew progressively more and more narrow. Here are a few:

Make a living wage with both music (both playing and singing and writing sheet music a la art diary) and writing

Stop beating myself up

See one of my pieces played by someone else, even if it’s on piano by my Nana or me

Learn to play piano well enough to play what I write

Write pieces for Berri and Stephen (my baritone and concert ukuleles) and play those, too (because screw the haters)

Hear a piece I write for guitar played, as well

Keep a 2 minute a day music diary and do, like, piano Fridays, Berri Mondays, etc.

Start with piano, my first language, and GET GOOD with that – until I can actually play in 5 – and post the vids on here along with Youtube and Instagram. I would cry if I could play my own pieces on YouTube.

Level One – learn “Saginaw” – my child – and record practice sessions for You Tube, here, and Instagram.

These are my big goals. What about smaller ones? This is where I get stuck.

I may make emotional/physical needs goals and throw them in there, too. Maslow’s hierarchy of goals, maybe?

Here are some little goals I want to achieve. I’m just tossing them out there.

Shower four times a week (ideally every day, but let’s start with four)

Exercise for five minutes every day

Eat a balanced meal every 2 days

No fast food

I’ll stop the goal dump here!

Until next post,



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