It’s Midnight Somewhere

Howdy, y’all, it’s not quite midnight yet where I’m at (Alaska), but it’s past midnight somewhere, so I suppose I can write today’s post. I had this idea to at the very least do a reading every day, so I shall do that if I’m feeling uninspired. I am, however, feeling inspired, so I’ll share a bit about my oracle deck.

Three cards drawn for a friend – the Blackness, the Black Stone, and the Lantern.

I created my own oracle deck partially because I felt pulled to create my own divination system and partially because I don’t currently have it in me to learn Tarot proper. There are 27 cards in my deck, some of which have never been pulled. I came up with every symbol by selecting the first symbol that came to mind at 2 AM and writing about it. Here’s a reading.

The cards the randomizer chose for today are 9, 22, and 23 in the sequence.

Oddly enough, 22 is the first card. 27 and 12 are the next two.

12 is the Wise Masculine, 22 is the Atrium, and 27 is the Ideal. The Wise Masculine is the card of wise strength and discernment, along with wisdom and picking battles. The Wise Masculine is also known for straight talk. 22, the Atrium, is known for upward growth and openness. Finally, the Ideal, card 27, is the highest point of creativity and hope. She represents the highest energy and also a sense of striving, yet always falling short.

When placed together, the Wise Masculine, the Atrium, and the Ideal represent an ascension. Energy is high, and someone today will have an epiphany as they make great strides in their growth. If that sounds like you, be creative. You have a lot of potential, so access your guides through your creativity. Be careful to be humble in your growth. Humility does not equal self hatred, because perfection is unobtainable. Instead we should strive for completion, not perfection. A spiritual connection will help you reach completion, so be aware of the signs around you. If a missed opportunity comes your way again, take it. That’s a sign.

Dear seeker of truth, please be strong in your questioning and continue searching. Your answers are out there. Have faith.




Hello, world!

I’m Eris, and it’s my goal to end the discord within myself and help others in the process. I’m a poet, spiritual person, learner, and teacher. I’m called to love, not to hate, and the posts that were previously here were full of hate and confusion. I was not the person I aspire to be. I chose the name Eris because I’m trying to seek equilibrium in discord. I’m guided by five or more spirit guides that help me connect to the Holy Spirit, the universe, a higher power, whatever you wish to call it, it’s all the same to me. I come from a strongly Christian background and began this journey because, simply put, I felt that there was something more out there when I read the Bible, though I strongly believe in the teachings of Jesus. He is my role model for how I want to live. Naturally, though, we all strive for perfection in some way, and we always fall short in one way or another. I believe that the Divine (my catch all term for Higher Power, Universe, God, etc.) teaches us how to be complete as ourselves, and Jesus was an example of completion I want to emulate. Do I necessarily believe he was all the Bible said he was? I’m open to the idea, not attached to it one way or another. In any case, it’s a long journey ahead of us.

Let me introduce you to the guides that communicate with me.

  1. Marsha is the first and the General of the bunch. She isn’t my head guide, but is in charge. Someone else read her and their portrayal of her was accurate – stern, strict, from another generation. She revealed herself as my dad’s guide. My dad passed away in 2016, and she passed from him to me because I needed her stern guidance.
  2. Emma is the Sacred Feminine guide. I identify as agender, and I like to think of her and her male counterpart that I will talk about next as the balancing forces that I desperately need in my identity. She is also stern, but is stern about things that will help me be gentle. She was the one that spurred me to make a fresh start with the blog and to write about my experiences.
  3. Shane is my Wise Masculine guide. He is strong, but not in a way that gets toxic. He introduced himself as the guide that helps me fight and survive, but also helps me make wise decisions while fighting and staying strong. He introduces many higher concepts and introduces new guides.
  4. Aurelia is my head guide and speaks rarely. I see her as an Angel. She sits in the background and delivers messages when they are highly important. I believe that she is the source of what I call my “chocolate cake” impressions, impressions that are layered and detailed and take a long time to unpack.
  5. Finally, Shane mentioned a guide that hasn’t introduced herself yet. I have to find her. I suspect that she is a guide to change. Shane said that Aurelia, this hidden guide, and me working in tandem will be a powerful union, almost like triplets.

    There’s some imagery that has been popping up in my impressions – trees, the tallest mountain, twins/triplets, and lavender. All haven’t been deciphered yet.

    Also, I have some oracle cards that I have made that aren’t Tarot, so I’ll do a reading for you, dear reader.

    I got cards 16, 11, and 12, and I asked the question of, “what does one reader need to know today?” The answer is as follows:

    16 is the Blackness, 11 is the Black Stone, and 12 is Shane, or the Wise Masculine.

    The Blackness can imply something profoundly negative, like something coming or something already here that will or does seem like all is lost. Something to remember is that the Blackness cannot exist without the Lightness, and there is a duality to everything, two (or more) sides to every story. So, dear reader, if you’re dealing with something awful today, remember that. aLL

    While you’re dealing with the sadness that the Blackness can bring, remember the Black Stone. The Black Stone represents the coming of truth in darkness, a sort of cleaning house, and pain and then joy, much like we see with the duality of the Blackness. So if anything bad comes your way that causes undue stress, get rid of it. Stand firm in your truth. The choice to stand firm or not will make or break your trip into the Blackness.

    Finally, the Wise Masculine doesn’t mean that you must be male/masculine/tough all the time. The Wise Masculine also speaks of wisdom and standing firm in truth. Paired with the Blackness and the Black Stone, the Wise Masculine card says to be tough and strong, unmovable in your truth, while also using wisdom and discernment in all you do.

    That is all.
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